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About Floral Tape

What is floral tape?

1. Floral tape is a non-sticky pressure sensitive tape that will stick to itself when stretched
2. Use floral tape to conceal wires and other hardware used in making corsages and similar floral decorations
3. Use floral tape to bind wires to flower stems and to bind wired or taped flowers together

What types of floral tape are available on the market?

1. Floral tape is sold in 12mm (0.5-inch) widths
2. The most common brands in the market are “Floral tape” and “Parafilm” 
3. The most common colours are green and white
4. Green floral tape will camouflage and blend with your flowers and foliage
5. White floral tape will suit most wedding work

How do you use floral tape?

1. Using floral tape looks easy but you but practice is the only think that will make you better at it
2. Take your tape and stretch the tape as you wrap it around the stem or wire
3. With the stretching and pressure as you wind the tape around your work, it will stick together
4. Ensure you keep a steady and firm tension on the tape as you bind because loose tape will fall off and not conceal your wiring
5. Projects that are taped looks smooth and blends in with the bouquet. If the tape does not adhere to the wire and is loose, increase the tension on the tape.