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Annabelle Hydrangea Stem Fuchsia (19cmDx55cmH)
Annabelle Hydrangea Stem Fuchsia (19cmDx55cmH)
Annabelle Hydrangea Stem Fuchsia (19cmDx55cmH)
Flames of Tropicana

Annabelle Hydrangea Stem Fuchsia (19cmDx55cmH)

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This artificial Annabelle Hydrangea Stem in Fuchsia gives a romantic feel and voluminous texture to floral arrangements. A popular choice, the hydrangea is a useful filler flower, and this uniquely vibrant shade is a popular choice for use in arrangements for Mother's Day, valentine's day, and more.

A premium-quality flower, the stem and real touch leaves are very lifelike.

ach flower head size ranges from 4.5cm to 5.5cm in diameter. The total height from the top of the flower to the bottom of the stem is around 55cm. When fashioned outwards, the diameter of the flower head can reach up to 19cm. It is sold individually.

Details & Dimensions

Colours: Pink

Flower Type: Hydrangea

Flower Style: Single Stem

Pack Size: Single

Finish: Real Touch

Sold individually, 12 in a carton

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