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Ribbon Bio-Poly Blend Deluxe Satin Rose Gold (25mmx25m)

Ribbon Bio-Poly Blend Deluxe Satin Rose Gold (25mmx25m)

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Our environmentally conscious Deluxe Satin ribbon in Rose Gold is a double face satin that is 25mm wide and a generous 25m in length.

This Satin Ribbon is a bio-poly blend which is a new evolution in environmentally friendly ribbon.
It is made from a special bio yarn (organic biodegradable material) which is added during the manufacturing process to the polyester fibre to produce the ribbon.
This material accelerates the degradation of the ribbon in landfill when exposed to microorganisms. A significant breakdown of the ribbon will occur within 1 year.

This ribbon has the effect of reducing environmental impact as it is sustainable, biodegradable, and minimises chemical use in the production process.

This satin ribbon still has all the properties of standard double face satin in it's luxurious look and feel and can come into contact with water. Only contact with microorganisms starts the degradation process. Once degraded, it will not cause any pollution to the environment.

Reduce your environmental footrpint by using this ribbon with your floral arrangements, gift giving, hamper creations and craft use.

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Details & Dimensions

Colours: Rose Gold

Ribbon Type: Biodegradable Satin

Ribbon Width: Width 21 to 25mm

Pack Size: Roll 25m

Edge & Finish: Woven edge

Sold individually, 5 in a carton

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