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Christmas Decorations 2021


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Follow these step-by-step video tutorials to make the most of the holiday season with our Christmas decor ideas.




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What is the best theme for a Christmas party?

When it comes to Christmas party themes, one size does not fit all. Your theme can change depending on what type of party you are having. For a formal family dinner, you could try a more traditional Christmas theme that incorporates rich red and gold colours, with lush green wreaths, and classic poinsettias. For an office Christmas party, you may want to choose something a little more fun, such as a Frosty Winter Wonderland theme that incorporates snow-covered Christmas trees, and fun light-up LED ornaments. However, before you start purchasing items for your Christmas party, it is always wise to consider your budget and then pre-select your budget-friendly trendy Christmas decorations.

When do you start putting up Christmas decorations?

Unlike other holidays, Christmas is a rare occasion which allows you to transform your entire home or business space into another world. However, one of the biggest holiday faux pas is putting your Christmas decorations up too early, causing onlookers to roll their eyes. On the other hand, if you are planning on decorating a large space, then you may require extra time to make sure it's all completed before the big day rolls around. To make things easier on yourself, the best time to start putting up Christmas decorations is typically in late November or early December. Also, always try and take down your Christmas decorations during the first week of January.

How to decorate an office for Christmas?

The office can be a difficult place to decorate because of floor plans or unwilling participants. Decorating a large office space can be a demanding task, and if you have a small office space it may feel overwhelming to take up a lot of the spare room. The trick to decorating an office is to choose a few key places that attract the most foot traffic. These may include the foyer, the kitchen, or the boardroom. To make the design cohesive, select a theme that is not too overpowering, such as a silver or natural Christmas theme which incorporates softer colours. Also, to help kickstart the Christmas cheer in your office, you can challenge your different teams to a decorating competition. A friendly competition allows for some crafty and creative touches to be added to your workspace and can make the days leading up to Christmas a little merrier.