STEELPIX® Floral Stemming Machine FAQ

The Steelpix® machine is a must-have when creating silk or floral arrangements. It eliminates the need for you to individually wire and tape each stem because it automatically places a metal Steelpix® pick into the flowers stem with the pull of a lever. This allows for easy insertion into floral foam and limits the amount of movement of the stem once it is in your arrangement. The metal Steelpix® picks also make your arrangements more stable and durable.

Step-By-Step instruction on how to use your machine

Remove the Test Tag from Machine.

Load the Machine with a metal Steelpix® pick. Follow A, B & C steps below.

A: Remove Weight                                 B: Load Steelpix®                                   C: Replace Weight

PLEASE NOTE: Steelpix® picks are packaged in sets of 200, leave plastic band intact until next step.

Remove the plastic band from Steelpix®. Follow D & E steps below.

D: Using a screwdriver, pry off plastic                              E: Rotate machine and use a screwdriver
after loading metal Steelpix® pick                                    as a lever to loosen and remove the plastic band

Attach Steelpix® to your flower stem. Follow F, G, H & I steps below.

F: Lift lever to slide out a Steelpix®                                 G: Place stem in the centre of Steelpix®                          H: Firmly Press down on the handle                       I: Remove flower

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the machine include Steelpix® picks?
No. The machine does not come with individual Steelpix® picks these need to be ordered separately. These can be purchased on our website.

What size picks does the machine take?
This machine can take 4.4cm, 5.4cm, and 7.6cm picks.

Can I load multiple Steelpix® picks into the machine at the same time?
No. These cannot be pre-loaded in bulk, you must use one Steelpix® pick at a time.

Can I oil the machine?
Yes. This can be done via the gears at the bottom of the machine.