Pot Luck & Art Paper

Pot luck paper is a cheap floral packaging wrap. Vivid® Paper Wraps are functional, distinct and have many uses, especially to accent and enhance your fresh flower wrapping.
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Pot Luck & Art Paper - Corrugated Paper Wrap 80gsm Kraft (50x70cm) Pack 50
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Vivid® Pot Luck Flower wrapping paper is an everyday, hardy and inexpensive pattern paper. It is called Pot Luck because the patterns and designs vary from shipment to shipment. Pot Luck Floral Packaging Wrapping Paper is very cheap and is suitable for fresh flower wrapping and packing.
Pot Luck Floral Packaging is widely used by flower growers and wholesale florist. As we are Australian Flower Grower suppliers and wholesalers we pride ourselves on service and quality. Wholesale wrapping paper,  gift packaging and brown kraft paper comes in our highest grade and quality Vivid® Wraps. Wholesale paper wrapping is available in sheets textures and a variety of thickness. 
Koch & Co Supplies & distributes as a wholesaler cheap flower paper to Sydney Wholesale Fresh Flower Markets, Melbourne Wholesale Fresh Flower Market, Adelaide Wholesale Fresh Flower Market, Brisbane Wholesale Fresh Flower market, Perth Wholesale Fresh Flower Markets.