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Schools & Student Supplies


Supplies for Schools

For many years we've supported education fundraising by providing kindergartens, schools and universities with gift packaging, event decorations, ribbons, baskets and wrapping, for fete's or other fundraising events. Once you register online with your school's ABN number, you'll be eligible to receive special offers especially tailored for you.

If you're raising funds for a registered charity or special cause, you may qualify for an extra discount - please see our charity page for information.


Floristry and Design: Students

We know every dollar counts when you're studying. Register online with your student number, and you'll automatically get trade prices on our entire range, even if you don't have an ABN. You can also access online-only deals, like the web coupons we run especially for students! Register a student account.

Quick tips:
1. Sign-up for our e-newsletter and we'll keep you updated on new products and sales.
2. Check-out our Koch blog, Facebook or Pinterest page for special discounts, competitions and ideas!
3. If you visit our superstore in Auburn, be sure to bring your student ID to take advantage of your discount.

Please note that if you're buying commercial quantities for your new business or special projects, it's beneficial for you to register for an ABN number and change from a student to a trade account.


Floristry and Design: TAFE &
Registered Training Organisations (RTO)

Koch & Co is proud of the support we offer design and floristry educators nationally. If you're buying for an organisation, or teaching, you're able to register as a trade customer - teachers don't even need an ABN number. You'll receive trade prices and have access to special offers from time to time to help your budget stretch even further. Register a trade account.

- Florist Field Trips: every year we welcome educators and students to our superstore on fieldtrips. They walk out knowing more about florist suppplies and working with wholesalers - and with our infamous welcome packs in hand! 

- Education Events and Graduations: Koch sponsors a range of floristry events and activities, including demonstrations, workshops and competitions. We also sponsor end of year graduations with perennial trophies and prizes. As a rule, we are happy to offer exclusive Koch & Co products for demontrations and workshops - please get in touch to discuss your project. 

- Student Kits: We supply schools with "floristry student kits", made up with items perfect for starting study, and at a discounted price.

Your contact:
For enquiries about education field trips, events or support, we have a dedicated staff member to help - ask for our Event & Product Coordinator.


Choosing where to study?

Are you interested in studying floristry or taking a short course to strengthen your skills? There are many fabulous places to start or continue your study in Australia and we have put together a list of options for you here.