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3 Special Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is all about showing Mum how much you appreciate her and whether you’ve got an afternoon tea party planned or a sophisticated brunch on the menu, we’re here to show you three special Mother’s Day gifts inspired by the trend of high teas and beautiful flowers – as well as taking your Mother’s Day celebrations up a notch. If you already have a prettily wrapped gift, or need some new gift wrapping ideas, go the extra mile with one of these three ideas and score extra brownie points.

Mum’s the Word

Spell out ‘Mum’ using different sized artificial flower heads in vibrant colours and hot glue each flower onto wooden letters. Imagine how pretty it will look on her mantelpiece or windowsill! A handy tip is to trim the flower petals that come off the sides of each wooden letter to make sure the word is readable.

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Items Used: 1/ Wooden Letters 2/ Artificial Flowers in Bright Colours

Floral Tea for Two

When it comes to spoiling Mum, you can easily style and organise a cosy and intimate tea party at home. Set the scene with a teacup floral arrangement as part of your special Mother’s Day gift and hang a ‘Mum’ themed card on bent aluminium wire – not to mention tying a pretty gift tag are all small details she’ll appreciate.

Mother's Day High Tea

Image Reference: 1/ KI.1036 2/ Mum Card in Red 3/ Mother’s Day Card in Green

High Tea Wonderland

For something truly outstanding, this tiered stand featuring a mini teapot with fresh roses definitely ranks up there as a special Mother’s Day gift. Sturdy and sophisticated, host a high tea party that takes Mum on a magical journey inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

mother's day high tea

Image Reference: 1/ KI.1075

Made up of candelabras, different sized mirror plates and cascading moss, this look is equally stunning with or without yummy cupcakes and macaroons. You can interchange each tier to suit your style.

Mother's Day Tea Party

Each of these special Mother’s Day gifts are stylish, sophisticated and have pops of colour that will certainly brighten up her day, as well as let her know how much you mean to her.

Floral Teacup Arrangements

To continue the tea party theme, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite teacup planter arrangements filled with pretty flowers as special Mother’s Day gifts – just take your pick. Happy Mother’s Day!

floral teacup arrangements

Image Reference: 1/ KI.1036 2/ KI.1028 3/ KI.1027 4 & 7/ KI.816 5 & 6/ KI.1037

Mother's Day Centrepiece Ideas

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