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5 Wedding Wishing Well Ideas

5 Wedding Wishing Well Ideas

5 Wedding Wishing Well Ideas


  • Event wishing wells are a decorative way to request and receive monetary gifts at any number of event types. 
  • Wishing wells are not just for weddings. Find them at quinceñearas, bar mitzvah/bat mitzvahs, engagement parties, graduations, 100 days baby milestones, holy communions, kitchen teas, bridal showers, and more.  
  • Wishing wells can be made from any materials, in any shape. 
  • Materials often used to decorate wishing wells include ribbons, flowers, fairy lights, and fabric.

A wishing well is a wedding tradition designed to cater to newlyweds who don’t need traditional wedding gifts like homewares, and would instead prefer monetary gifts. Wishing wells might be newer to weddings, but money is a gift that has a long history of being traditionally given at many different milestone celebrations. As such, events wishing wells are also popular at celebrations like quinceñearas, engagement parties, graduations, 100 days baby milestones, holy communions, kitchen teas, bar mitzvahs, and bat mitzvahs.

The type of wishing well best suited to your event is dependent on your decorative style and budget. This events wishing well buying guide will show how a wishing well can truly be made of any material and take any shape, from wooden wishing wells that look like an actual well to glossy acrylic cubes. Regardless of the nature of the of your wishing well, its overall purpose is to create a safe and inviting space for gifts to be left by guests. 

Have a read of our helpful buying guide below on some of our most popular events wishing wells. We’ll explain the differences in style, size, and function, so that you can get the info you need and none of the info you don’t.   

1. Mirror Wishing Well 

Best used for: weddings, bridal showers, formal birthdays, holy communions, baptisms, and bar/bat mitzvahs 

An elegant statement made from mirrored glass, this wishing well is of solid construction and high quality. Take heed of its dimensions, as this wishing well sits on the medium side of our range.

How to use: 

Our elegant mirror wishing well is a natural standout in our range. Substantial in its weight, this high-quality wishing well suits any type of event and almost any party décor style. The reflective surfaces of this medium-sized wishing well make it really shine, especially if placed near a source of lighting. Examples include some pillar candles in glass vases or a candelabra.  

mirror medium events wishing well

2. Acrylic Wishing Well 

Best used for: birthday parties, bridal showers, and weddings 

Minimalist and modern in design, our large acrylic wishing wells are available in both transparent and mirror finish varieties. This cube acrylic wishing well comes with a convenient slot for envelopes and cards. It has a sizeable amount of space for receiving and containing envelopes. It also comes with a latch that gives the recipient/s the option to lock the wishing well if they so choose. 

How to use: 

A key selling point of acrylic wishing wells is how easy they are to personalise. For weddings, many have opted for a clear wishing well personalised with a laser engraved or vinyl decal graphic. If you intend to repurpose or resell your acrylic wishing well, you can opt to personalise yours with impermanent chalkboard pen. Simply wipe with a microfibre cloth to clean away any chalk residue. These acrylic wishing wells also work well as memento boxes to store keepsakes from The Big Day. 

acrylic metallic glossy events wishing wells

3. Crystal Wishing Well

Best used for: medium-large weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, kitchen teas, holy communions, bar/bat mitzvahs

Our crystal wishing well chest is the crown jewel of our wishing well range at Koch & Co. Though medium in size, this wishing well shines in the spotlight with its many glass crystals. Dazzling and elegant, this treasure chest-shaped wishing well comes with a latch that gives the recipient/s the option to lock the wishing well. 

How to use: 

Our crystal wishing well chest is naturally decorative and eye-catching. Whether you choose to decorate this wishing well or not, its dimensions and reflective qualities mean that it naturally shines in every setting. Suggestions for decorations include a minimalistic floral arrangement and/or photo of the happy couple in a complementary photo frame. A light source like a candelabra near this wishing well would do really well to make the glass crystals glisten. As an added bonus, this wishing well is so gorgeous; you’ll want to repurpose it in the home as a jewellery box or trinket box.  

crystal treasure chest events wishing well

4. Wooden Wishing Well 

Best used for: Weddings, 100 days baby milestones, holy communions, kitchen teas

Our wooden wishing well is a charming affair. A miniature well adapted with a slot for envelopes, this wishing well has been a firm favourite with clientele for years. The well part of this design comes with a hinged lid and lock latch for security. 

How to use: 

As a large and unembellished piece, this style of wishing well presents a great canvas for decoration. Attach fairy lights or decorate the roof with flowers to give you’re wishing well a more romantic sense of occasion. A simpler way to match this wishing well to your wedding decor is by surrounding it with pillar candles in glass vases and a low-sitting floral arrangement.  


5. Cardboard Wishing Well 

Best used for: all event types 

This flat-packed cardboard wishing well is not only recyclable, but it’s also highly economical. Easy to assemble and satisfyingly glossy, this wishing well is a great fit for any event type.  

How to use: 

For those who want to cut costs without wanting to skimp on personalised details, our cardboard gloss white wishing well is an excellent option. A real blank canvas of an events wishing well, this box can be decorated in any number of ways. If you’re looking to personalise it to your event, the glossy cardboard surface takes well to pens, stickers, glue, and decals. Wrap it in fabric, vinyl, or wrapping paper, bedazzle it with acrylic pearls, acrylic diamonds, or glass marbles, or tie a great big bow around it like a huge present. There are an infinite number of ways to decorate our cardboard gloss white wishing well to match your event and décor.  

cardboard gloss white events wishing well

6. Birdcage Wishing Well 

Best used for: weddings, holy communions, engagement parties, bridal showers, kitchen teas

Our birdcage wishing wells are a timeless and functional decoration for your next elegant event. Varying in styles from Singaporean to vintage garden, our range of birdcage wishing wells is highly decorative. Most of our birdcages are designed with a hinged dome roof and an easy-to-open metal clasp.  

How to use: 

Our birdcages are versatile because they can function as more than just events wishing wells. Hang birdcages in your photo op space, display them as table centrepieces, and also them as aisle decorations. As a wishing well, these birdcages don’t need much decoration, as they are inherently ornate. Partially fill your birdcage wishing well with flower heads/petals or sit it beside a small arrangement of flowers for an extra romantic aesthetic.  

birdcage styling with candles and flowers

Wishing wells are a sign of evolving traditions around marriage, where couples tend to have already made a home together before marriage. Taking any number of shapes and sizes, a wishing well can be anything you want it to be. The events wishing well selection in this buying guide (and more) are available via our website and can also be seen person at out Koch & Co. Superstore in Auburn, NSW.

For further information to help you choose and decorate your events wishing well, check out our blog 5 Wishing Well Ideas and Candle Holders & Decoration Buying Guide

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