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Creative Ways to Use Decorative Diamanté Mesh

Creative Ways to Use Decorative Diamanté Mesh

Creative Ways to Use Decorative Diamanté Mesh

6 Ways to Make Your DIY Projects Sparkle

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, diamanté is a decorators’ dream. Every so often, a product comes round that is so versatile and makes such an impact, you find yourself using it in ways that you’d never thought of before.

Cue diamanté mesh roll. This unique product has endless applications and its flexibility makes it a must-have for event decorating, gift-wrapping, weddings, parties and more.

The generous width of the mesh roll (11.5cm) means that it can be cut into virtually any size and it will retain its shape. Birthdays, baptisms, weddings and Christmas will never be the same now that you have this decorating drawcard up your sleeve.

When in Doubt, Add Diamanté

You’ll be amazed at the range of applications and how easy it is to turn a plain candle, a dull vase, a tiresome table setting, a bland box or an everyday gift into something special. Here’s a few of our favourite ways to sparkle:

  1. It works beautifully with glass and acrylic to add texture and sparkle. We’ve added it to glass vases above to create a more glamorous arrangement.
  2. It’s great for tying different elements together, like these three different candle holders. And diamanté and candle light at night is stunning.diamanate mesh roll and candles
  3. If you’re someone that likes to go the extra mile with Christmas or gift-wrapping, this product is the one. There’s no way this ribbon isn’t going to be recycled! diamante mesh roll christmas gift wrapping
  4. Use it instead of ribbon to decorate a cake. It packs a real punch and instantly adds glamour to wedding or special occasion cakes.
  5. Wrap it around a bouquet of flowers and make a real statement. Here’s an example of a wedding buttonhole transformed with a small twist of the mesh. diamanate mesh roll buttonhole
  6. And don’t forget Halloween, which is right around the corner. Diamanté mesh can cast a sparkly spell over your pumpkins and table decorations. Get creative – try cutting spiders, pumpkins and webs out of your diamanté mesh roll. It’s such a fun product to use and you’re bound to be the most sophisticated ‘scary’ house on the street.

Available in several colours including aqua, black, gold, hot pink and silver, you will fall in love with just how simple it is to add a diamanté sparkle to just about everything.

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