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Luxury Wedding & Events Florist, John Emmanuel Creates Stunning Artificial Flower Installations at The Koch & Co Superstore!

Luxury wedding and events florist, John Emmanuel dropped into the Koch & Co Auburn superstore recently to add some industry extravagance to the aisles.

A master in his trade, John has worked alongside many high-profile Australian wedding planners to create some of Australian’s most luxurious events.

Luxury Wedding & Events Florist, John Emmanuel
Luxury Wedding & Events Florist, John Emmanuel

Over two days, John and his skilled team worked in-store to create an array of grand scale floral installations, utilising the best artificial flowers and florist supplies that Koch & Co have to offer.

“Some people like going to Bunnings, I like coming to Koch & Co because there are so many beautiful products to play with,” John said.

Known for his signature white, cream and blush arrangements; John chose to push the boundaries for these new installations. Working with bright and bold hues, he aimed to showcase every colour in the Koch & Co range to fully express how artificial flowers can make an artful and striking statement.

“I think a few years ago there was a stigma against artificial flowers, but I think now the quality has come so far, they’re absolutely beautiful and so realistic,” John said.

The first two installations that his team set to work on were a suspended flower arch, dripping with champagne gold orchids and ruby red English roses, and a large matte white fibreglass urn, filled with cream delphiniums and metallic gold fan palm leaves.

Take a look at some more of the stunning pieces that came to life during John’s time at Koch & Co:

John Emmanuel at Koch 2
Grand Tropical Urn With Metallic Gold Accents
John Emmanuel at Koch 4
Hanging Flower & Lush Greenery Bridal Arch
John Emmanuel at Koch 6
Blushing Magnolia & Pink Hydrangea Table Arch
John Emmanuel at Koch 8
Vibrant Fuschia & Pampas Grass Urn
John Emmanuel at Koch 3
Opulent Red & Metallic Gold Table Arch
John Emmanuel at Koch 5
Luxurious Violet Garden Urn

If you didn’t get a chance to catch John live in-store, all his incredible arrangements can now be found on display at the Koch & Co Auburn Superstore. The full range of artificial flowers and florist supplies that were used to create these stunning arrangements can also be found instore or online at www.koch.com.au.

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