new years eve party decorations

New Years Eve Party Decoration Ideas

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party at home and inviting friends over is the perfect excuse to go all-out on glitter, confetti and all things sparkly and gold. Aside from champagne, party hats and horns, we’ve collected five decoration ideas to help you ring in the new year with a bang.

Set the scene with a backdrop

For new years, it’s all about the atmosphere. Immediately set the scene with a backdrop, which can be used for taking photos or be placed behind dessert tables and drink stations. Beginners can drape a mixture of emerald green and gold glittery ribbons or cut out triangles from navy blue and gold cards for a simple look that still represents ‘party’. For the more adventurous, play with the idea of hanging centrepieces such as popular geometric shapes, honeycomb pompoms and silver tassels (yes, you can combine both!). Expert tip: go to the effort to make a stunning backdrop for photos and opt for a simpler look for food and drink stations.

new years eve backdrop

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New years eve must haves: glitter and confetti

We all know glitter, confetti and sparkly decorations are a must for a new years bash, and this is one occasion where the more you use the better the overall look. Some easy and creative ideas include dipping LED tealights in glitter and surrounding it with colourful confetti and wrapping champagne flute glasses or flower vases with double-sided tape and rolling it in glitter. When it comes to using glittery candles, don’t be afraid to mix and match your sizes too! Plus, you can scatter glitter and confetti across the dinner table and make DIY confetti poppers. A fantastic idea is to have a confetti bar which guests can throw at midnight – adding to the festive energy that New Year’s Eve has! Expert tip: mix metallic accents and glitter details – there’s no rule to only using one.

new years confetti and glitter

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Balloons with a stylish pop

One of the easiest ideas is incorporating balloons into your new years eve party decorations. Balloons create a fun and festive environment plus the geronimo and mylar balloons are on the rise in popularity. Imagine geronimo balloons filled with confetti and tassels and most recently custom printed and painted balloons. In fact, new years eve is all about the countdown, so why not have clock balloons counting down each hour leading up to midnight and guests can pop them at each interval! Expert tip: a display of clock balloons can be doubled as a photo or food/bar backdrop.

new years balloon decorations

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Let there be light

A luminous glow is a great way to bring in the bright lights of the city and creates a dazzling sight. Whether you choose to string festoon lights across the dining area, put sparklers on cakes (who said it’s only for weddings?!), hang up a marquee sign or incorporate glittery candles, lights are easy to integrate into your new years eve party decorations. Plus, if you’re using flameless candles, you can leave them on all night! Expert tip: use the marquee sign for a confetti bar or drink station!

party lights

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Celebrate new years with words

We absolutely love using fun and catchy words as part of a new years party decoration. Easy ideas such as photo props of “Pop, Fizz, Clink!”, “Happy New Year” party hats and “YAY” gold mylar balloons help create a festive vibe. For those who want to go that extra mile, why not make DIY new years resolution party hats – this is where your guests can add a personal touch to make their new year’s eve extra memorable. Lastly, hand out stylish sparkler cards with fun messages of “for a sparkling exit” to bring in the new year. Expert tip: choose two of your favourite phrases and don’t look back (pun intended).

pop fizz clink

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