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What is cellophane wrap & how do you use it?

What is cellophane wrap & how do you use it?

What is cellophane wrap & how do you use it?

Cello bags are an extremely versatile product that is an essential part of providing safe and stylish product packaging. A favourite of both big and small businesses; there is a huge range of cello bags available to choose from. But how do you know which is right for you? Here are some need-to-know facts about this useful product.

What are cello bags used for?

Cello bags are often used as packaging to help protect your products from dust, moisture, fingerprints, and clearly display all the features of your product. Cello bags can be used for business or stationery cards, gallery prints, hair accessories, jewellery, badges, and other market stall ideas. As cello bags are clear, waterproof, acid-free, and of archival quality; they are very popular with professional photographers, stamp collectors, gallery owners and painters. They are also made from food-grade material, making them safe to use with food like confectionaries or baked goods.

What is a gusset, and do you need one?

 Simply put, a gusset is an extra piece of cello added to either the sides and/or the bottom of the cello bag. This extra piece of cello is usually rectangular and can allow the bag to sit upright. The most common reason why you might need a cello bag with a gusset is that you may need to fill it with bulkier items that require extra room. Below are some examples to give you a visual representation of a gusset:

Cello Bag image 02
Cello bag with side and bottom gusset

How can I work out which cello bag to use?

There is such a large range of cello bags to purchase that it might be hard to work out which type and size are best suited to your products. To work this out you simply need to know the length and width of what you want to enclose in the bag. You also need to allow for the height and/or thickness which can be tricky to work out if the cello bag does not have a gusset.

Typically you can take the thickness and double it, add some slack (movement) to your length and height, and this should give you the size you need.

Guide for hamper bag sizes:
(Please Note – Our hamper bags do not have a gusset)

  • Small Cello Hamper Bags (35cm x 45cmH):
    Our small cello hamper bag can fit a hamper that is no bigger than 30cm to 32cm wide and 32cm long, plus a height of about 35cm to allow 10cm at the top for bow tying

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer customised sizes of cello bags?

Yes, we can produce any size cello bag for all your needs. Because this is a customised order, we will need to know the minimum quantity required and practical lead time. Before you consider ordering custom bags for your products, check and see if you can use a self-sealing bag that you can fold over to get the right size.

What is Cellulose, and do we sell it?

Cellulose is the main substance found in plant cell walls and helps the plant to remain stiff and strong. This substance is then used to create biodegradable cello bags called cellulose cello bags. These bags are great for packaging nuts, candies, soaps, or crafts. Unfortunately, these bags can be hard to find, however, we do have a range in progress.

Can your cello bags be heat sealed?

Yes, if you need to make your cello bags tamper-proof, you can heat seal them and not use self-sealing bags. To do this you can use our heat-sealing machine to seal your cello bags. However, cellulose cello bags cannot be heat sealed and hence has a stitched seam on both sides of the bag.

Do you offer cello bags that don’t need to be heat sealed?

Yes, we offer self-seal cello bags, press seal cello bags, and slide zip cello bags. Self-seal cello bags have a peel to seal adhesive strip on the top of the bag. Press seal cello bags have two interlocking plastic strips located just under the bags opening. Slide zip cello bags have a sealing tab up the top of the bag and can be sealed when the tab is pulled along the edge of the bags opening. Self-seal cello bags can be used to protect your cards, artwork, and advertising materials. Press seal and slide zip cello bags are food grade bags that can be used for things like lolly bags.

How can you stop static on your self-sealable bags?

Occasionally you may find as you pull the proactive seal strip off the cello bag that it has static and is not easy to flick off your hands or clothes. This typically happens if you are packing many items continuously. To help stop the static, try washing your hands and starting the process again.

What is the difference between cellophane & cello bags?

Although the manufacturing process for both materials is very similar, these products do have slight differences. When referring to cellophane this encompasses both true cellophane (made of wood pulp and cotton) and BOPP (bi-axially orientated polypropylene or plastic film). Each type of film has its benefits (to read more about this please read our blog, what is cellophane wrap & how do you use it?). BOPP cello is plastic and is clear, crisp, waterproof, can be recycled, heat-sealed and is inexpensive to make. Cellophane is ultimately biodegradable, waterproof, has a shelf life (it will yellow over time and become brittle), cannot be heat sealed and is much more expensive to make than BOPP. BOPP bags can be used for food storage as nothing leaches in or out of them, there is no plastic smell or food contamination.

Are cello bags bad for the environment?

On the one hand, cello bags are required to store and hold food for transport. On the other hand, they are not biodegradable. It is a difficult situation in both instances. Fortunately, great efforts are being made to recycle soft plastics like BOPP. Thinner cello bags also use less plastic and have less impact on the environment. You can also reuse self-sealing bags more than once. When you have peeled off the protective seal, you can re-stick the adhesive flap many times over before the adhesive runs out of stick.

Whether you are after small cello bags for confectionery or large cello bags for hampers; we have the right sized cello bag for you. Visit our website to browse our huge range of cello bag products or visit our Koch & Co Auburn Superstore where one of our friendly staff will be happy to take your order the old-fashioned way.

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