• Holly Chapple Pillow Guard 6

Holly Chapple Pillow Guard 6" (15Dx6.5cmH) Dark Green

The Holly Heider Chapple collection features a new design mechanic, affectionately known as the "pillow". The concept allows the designer to insert stems from all angles while keeping them in place during the design process. The 'Pillow" rests on top of the container's rim, allowing stems to stay in place and stay hydrated without getting crushed. The mechanic rests on top of the container so stems can be inserted around the rim, appearing to spill gracefully over the vase's edge. The pillow sits atop the lip of the vessel to maximize the cascade of the design. Place pillow in generous, deep container that holds plenty of water, keeping stems hydrated and the design anchored in place.

made from 100% recycable and reusable material
available in 4 sizes
12 pieces in a carton

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Details and Dimensions

Colours: Dark Green

Types: Half Brick

Shapes: Round

Packaging: Guard Only

Finishes: Green Plastic

Sold individually, 96 in a carton