Product Category Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial Flowers

Silk Flowers - Funeral Flowers FAQ | Greenery Walls Assembly Instructions

Natural Sticks, Branches and Leaves - Preserved Reindeer Moss FAQ | Preserved Spanish Moss FAQ




Candles and Candle Accessories - Paraffin Wax Candle FAQ | Soy Candle FAQ

LED Lights and Events Decoration - LED Candles FAQ



Event Decoration

Wedding and Events Decoration - Wedding Arch Elegance Assembly Instructions | Wedding Arch Simplicity Assembly Instructions

Urns, Pedestals, Pots and Planters - Fibreglass Urns FAQ

Balloons and Party Accessories - Foil Balloons FAQ | Latex Balloons FAQ | Balloon Time Helium Tank FAQ | Helium Safety Guidelines | New 9'' Air Filled Balloon Instructions




Glass Vases - Art Glass FAQ

Vase Decor - How to Use Aqua Pearls



Pots & Baskets 

Wooden Planters, Boxes and Crates 


Wicker Baskets, Planters and Hamper Trays

Ceramic Pots and Planters - Ceramics FAQ

Storage Boxes 

Hamper and Gift Baskets



Gift Packaging

Gift Bags - Paper Gift Bag FAQ | Plastic Gift and Shopping Bags FAQ 

Gift and Storage Boxes 

Hamper Trays and Gourmet Boxes 

Wine Packaging - Wine Packaging FAQ

Shred and Fillers - Shred & Filler FAQ | Wood Wool Specifications

Confectionary Packaging and Cake Boxes 

Decorative Picks and Embellishments 

Bomboniere and Party Favour - Cello Hamper Bag FAQ

Flower Packaging Boxes and Bags - How to Transport Posy Boxes | Kraft Paper Flower Carry Bags

Florist and Gift Cards, Tags and Labels 

Rose Boxes and Cylinders - Rose Boxes FAQ



Ribbon & Wrapping

Fabric Ribbons Bows and Cords - Fabric Ribbon Buying Guide | Grosgrain Ribbon FAQ | Personalised Printed Ribbons

Paper Ribbon and Bows - Pull Bow Instructions

Raffia and String 

Gift Wrapping and Tissue Paper - Tissue Paper FAQ | Tissue Paper in Detail

Kraft Paper Wrapping - Wax Paper FAQ | Kraft Paper FAQ

Nonwoven Wrapping - Nonwoven Wrapping FAQ

Net Fabric Wrapping 

Natural Wrapping and Posy Holders

Cello Wrapping 



Soft Toys

Soft Toys - Size Guide



Florist Supplies

Corsage and Wedding Accessories 

Cutting Tools and Accessories - Scissors and Cutters FAQ | A Guide to Floristry Tools

Design Master Spray Paint - Design Master Spray Paint FAQ

Floral Art Supplies - Rubber Bands FAQ | Acrylic Water FAQ

Floral Decorative Wire 

Floral Foam Products - Strass and Oasis FAQ | Oasis Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) | How To Soak Floral Foam - Step By Step Video | MSDS note for Oasis Maxlife Biodegradable Floral Foam from Smithers Oasis® Australia

Florist Wire - How to use florist wire and various techniques | Different thicknesses, types and benefits of using florist wire

Flower Bowls, Guards and Trays - How To Use Pillow Guards | How To Use Bouquet Eggs

Flower Buckets, Vases and Display Stands 

Flower Food and Foliage Treatment - Flower Food FAQ

String and Raffia 

Styrofoam Bases and Balls - Styrofoam FAQ | Care Tips and Uses for Styrofoam

Tapes, Floral Adhesives and Packaging - Floral Tape FAQ



Fresh Flowers

Fresh Orchids - How To Care For Fresh Orchids