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Artificial Flowers

Silk Flowers - Funeral Flowers FAQ | Greenery Walls Assembly Instructions

Natural Sticks, Branches and Leaves - Preserved Reindeer Moss FAQ | Preserved Spanish Moss FAQ

Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers - Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers FAQ | What Are The Main Differences Between Dried & Preserved FlowersA Guide to Dried Flowers | A Guide to Preserved Flowers




Candles and Candle Accessories - Paraffin Wax Candle FAQ | Soy Candle FAQ | Glass Candle Holders - Heat Resistance | Candle Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils FAQ | A Guide For Candle Fragrances | A Guide to Candle Fragrance Notes And How They Work

LED Lights and Events Decoration - LED Candles FAQ



Event Decoration

Wedding and Events Decoration - Wedding Arch Elegance Assembly Instructions | Wedding Arch Simplicity Assembly Instructions

Urns, Pedestals, Pots and Planters - Fibreglass Urns FAQ

Balloons and Party Accessories - Foil Balloons FAQ | Latex Balloons FAQ | Balloon Time Helium Tank FAQ | Helium Safety Guidelines | New 9'' Air Filled Balloon Instructions




Glass Vases - Art Glass FAQ | Fish Bowl FAQ

Vase Decor - How to Use Aqua Pearls



Pots & Baskets 

Wooden Planters, Boxes and Crates 


Wicker Baskets, Planters and Hamper Trays - Picnic Basket Buying Guide FAQ

Ceramic Pots and Planters - Ceramics FAQ

Storage Boxes 

Hamper and Gift Baskets



Gift Packaging

Gift Bags - Paper Gift Bag FAQ | Plastic Gift and Shopping Bags FAQ 

Gift and Storage Boxes 

Hamper Trays and Gourmet Boxes 

Wine Packaging - Wine Packaging FAQ

Shred and Fillers - Shred & Filler FAQ | Wood Wool Specifications

Confectionary Packaging and Cake Boxes 

Decorative Picks and Embellishments 

Bomboniere and Party Favour

Cello Bags - Cello Hamper Bag FAQ | Cello Bags FAQ | A Guide to Cello Bags – All You Need to Know About this Useful Product

Flower Packaging Boxes and Bags - How to Transport Posy Boxes | Kraft Paper Flower Carry Bags

Florist and Gift Cards, Tags and Labels 

Rose Boxes and Cylinders - Rose Boxes FAQ



Ribbon & Wrapping

Fabric Ribbons Bows and Cords - Fabric Ribbon Buying Guide | Grosgrain Ribbon FAQ | Personalised Printed Ribbons

Paper Ribbon and Bows - Pull Bow Instructions

Raffia and String 

Gift Wrapping and Tissue Paper - Tissue Paper FAQ | Tissue Paper in Detail

Kraft Paper Wrapping - Wax Paper FAQ | Kraft Paper FAQ

Nonwoven Wrapping - Nonwoven Wrapping FAQ

Net Fabric Wrapping 

Natural Wrapping and Posy Holders

Cello Wrapping



Soft Toys

Soft Toys - Size Guide



Florist Supplies

Corsage and Wedding Accessories 

Cutting Tools and Accessories - Scissors and Cutters FAQ | A Guide to Floristry Tools | Pinking Shears FAQ

Design Master Spray Paint - Design Master Spray Paint General FAQ | Design Master Spray Paint Quick Q&A Product TipsDesign Master FAQ Safety and Environmental Information | Koch Blog: All About Design Master Sprays

Floral Art Supplies - Rubber Bands FAQ | Acrylic Water FAQ

Floral Decorative Wire 

Floral Foam Products - A Product Guide On Everything You Need To Know About Floral Foam | All You Need To Know About Strass ® Floral FoamAll You Need To Know About Smithers Oasis ® Floral Foam | Notes & FAQs for Oasis ® Maxlife Biodegradable Floral Foam from Smithers Oasis ® Australia | Oasis® & Strass® MSDS explained June 2019 | Oasis® Safety Data Sheets By ProductHow To Soak Floral Foam In Just 4 Easy Steps!Floral Foam: The foundation of a great flower arrangementThe Benefits Of Floral FoamWhen Should I Use Wet or Dry Floral Foam? 

Florist Wire - How to use florist wire and various techniques | Different thicknesses, types and benefits of using florist wire

Flower Bowls, Guards and Trays - How To Use Pillow Guards | How To Use Bouquet Eggs

Flower Buckets, Vases and Display Stands 

Flower Food and Foliage Treatment - Flower Food FAQ

String and Raffia 

Styrofoam Bases and Balls - Styrofoam FAQ | Care Tips and Uses for Styrofoam

Tapes, Floral Adhesives and Packaging - Floral Tape FAQ



Fresh Flowers

Fresh Orchids - How To Care For Fresh Orchids

Fresh Flowers & Greenery | Wholesale Fresh Flower & Greenery Purchases



Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

SDS are documents that outline the dangers, composition, safe handling, and disposal of products and substances. 

Disclaimer: SDS are provided by our suppliers and every effort is made to provide information that is accurate. However, SDS are subject to change at any time and we give no assurance that SDS on our site are accurate.

Floral Foam Products  Notes & FAQs for Oasis ® Maxlife Biodegradable Floral Foam from Smithers Oasis ® Australia | Oasis® & Strass® MSDS explained June 2019 | Oasis® Safety Data Sheets By Product

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